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Vegas can be beat.

Stop Gambling, Start Winning

I’m tired of watching people lose hard-earned money sports betting. After 10+ years of profitability, I'm sharing my bets so you can make money too. 

Sign up here to get exclusive access to my bets as we head towards NFL Season (my largest season). Much more to come :)

You'll hear from me soon!

A few of my accolades as a bettor:​

  • Placed 55th out of 5000 in largest NFL Betting competition in world, Circa Sports Million, cashing for $10K

  • Decade of profitability that is well tracked

About Me

Hey everyone! After a decade-long profitable streak in sports betting, I’ve now decided go public and share my bets to help you make money. Why? Well, honestly, I’m just tired of watching people lose money sports betting. I want to help people make better bets and become profitable. My goal is to prove to you and everyone else out there that I am one of the best sports bettors in the world. 


I specialize primarily in the NFL and college basketball, which will have my largest bets (mid 4 figures - low 5 figures). I do bet everything though where I find value (college basketball, NHL, MLB, tennis, etc…). My betting strategy is a combination of data, momentum, matchup ratings (which I develop myself), and gut feel. When I have a strong read, I don’t mess around and will bet a substantial amount on it.

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